• Availability of SEAI Oil Boiler Upgrade – why not upgrade your attic insulation at the same time
  • Rain water storage tanks (Carbery Plastics), can be used in drought conditions to provide temporary supply to toilets.
    A must for enthusiastic vegetable and food growers
  • Coming soon – direct drinkable rain water harvesting system
  • Well and Mains water treatment plants for domestic houses and kitchen sinks. Reverse osmosis filters fitted under kitchen sinks. Whole house treatment available – this unit can block Leptospira, Ecoli and a multitude of heavy metals and fluoride.
  • We are SEAI Solar accredited
  • We are SEAI Oil Boiler and heating upgrades accredited
  • We are SEAI attic and tank insulators
  • We are also OFTEC accredited – oil boiler servicing, commissioning and efficiency rating
  • New Chlorine filters available for shower heads
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